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Hotel Apartment for rent Dubai: Find the best places to lease


Dubai- another name for luxury and stunning destinations. From cutting-edge technology to world-famous malls to adventure parks, Dubai has enormous places to visit. Have you ever thought about leasing hotel apartments or hotel apartment buildings? If you are in Dubai to invest or start a new hotel business, a hotel apartment for rent Dubai is the best way. Not all people have a huge investment to buy hotels, so you can rent hotel apartments for your business. 


With sleek designs, breathtaking views, and amenities like Wi-Fi, power backup, swimming pool, etc., you can rent hotel apartments for your business or as a part of corporate. Dubai embraces the best amenities and high-end luxuries, and we are here to provide you with the right solution. Our options for a Hotel apartment for rent Dubai can fulfill all your requirements to help you lease Hotel apartments with the best ROI. 

Hotel apartments in Dubai-Features


Are you contemplating why to lease hotel apartments in Dubai? We can solve it for you. Hotel Apartments are becoming an increasingly popular form of accommodation in Dubai for those who are going to live in the city for a long time. But why are they popular? For starters, they do not need any deposit maintenance costs or bills, unlike traditional apartment deals. All the contractual and legal aspects are already under control and simplified. The guests do not need to think about furnishing and filling amenities like cutlery, bedding, accessories, kitchen equipment, etc. So, you can lease hotel apartments in the best places. With our hotel apartment in Dubai, you can enjoy value for money. 


If you want to start your own business, but do not have huge investment, leasing hotel apartments can be a better option. It can bring better ROI and is a good way to start your way in Dubai. Hotel Apartments come with different features like:


Prime locations: We understand when you are investing huge amounts for the long term, location is critical. Especially when you are going to use it for your business purpose. That’s why we have enlisted properties that are available at prime locations to bring high ROI for you. 


Furnished/Unfurnished: Aparthotel or hotel apartments are available in unfurnished and furnished buildings. So, if you want to create your own style, you can select unfurnished apartments while those who are ready to invest in furnished options can check out the same. However, one thing that you need to understand is that the cost of hotel apartments will rise as per the furnished/unfurnished amenities offered in the building. 


So, you can check out different hotel apartment buildings as per your requirements. We have a range of options available for you on our platform, so check out now. 

Check Out the Top Hotel Apartments in Dubai


Hotel apartments in Dubai for rent are located in different parts of the city in different hotel buildings. Keeping in mind your luxury, amenities, and budget requirements, we have a list of hotel apartment buildings listed on our portal. All hotel apartments in Dubai listed here are available in the best of areas in Dubai, including a wide range of amenities, and at different costs. Moreover, the list includes different budget hotel apartments. From low-cost to high-cost apartments with high-end luxury, you can find it all. All you need is to head to our portal to list your preferences, and you will get filtered results for hotel apartments. You can connect with our team to lease hotel apartments for rent. Compared to renting or leasing an apartment or home on rent, Hotel apartments give more return on investment based on the luxury and locations offered. These properties are high-end and limited. So, when you are selecting a hotel apartment for leasing make sure you check out the location and luxuries offered by the property. 

Need Hotel Apartments to rent in Dubai? RGEstate at your service 


RGEstate is the one-stop solution for your real estate requirements in Dubai. If you need a luxurious hotel apartment in Dubai, we got you covered. Our team has a personally curated list of available aparthotel with round-the-clock facilities. We ensure our listed real estate for rent is available on a long-term basis. If you have any requirements or need customer support, you can consult our team anytime. We have hotel apartments available to invest in with different requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions 


1. What are the best Hotel Apartments to rent in Dubai? 

Ans. There are some of the most sought-after and luxurious hotel apartments in Dubai on our platform. They are available in more than 8000 sq. ft, have the best amenities, and have the best views. These hotel apartments are loaded with the latest facilities and everything you might need to invest in Dubai. 


2. Is it worth renting Hotel Apartments in Dubai?

Ans. Yes! Hotel Apartments are secured and under 24×7 CCTV, availability of hotel staff to help you. They can provide you with better ROI whether you are leasing a part of your corporate company or building your hotel business. 


3. What are the things to consider when looking for hotel apartments for rent in Dubai? 

Ans. When you are looking for hotel apartments for rent in Dubai, there are a few things that you need to consider, such as:


Location: You might prefer a location that is close to your workplace or near downtown, transit, etc. So, according to your preference, you can choose hotel apartments for rent. 


Budget: Obviously, hotels with 2 or 3 apartments are less costly compared to those with more for leasing. Similarly, rent can vary depending on the location and hotel you are considering. The cost will rise as the luxury of apartments increases. Compare apartments according to your budget options. 


4. What do I need to rent or lease a hotel apartment in Dubai? 

Ans. To rent or lease hotel apartments in Dubai, you need all the paperwork, including your official identity proof, visa proof, income proof, and payment options you will consider. In addition, you might need to sign a contract with the hotel apartment owners. So, keep these things handy when you are looking for an apartment. 


5. What is an apartment in a hotel called? 

Ans. Apartments in a hotel are called apart hotels or residential hotels, or serviced apartments. These are types of hotels where tourists or visitors can stay for a long time and a home away from home with hotel facilities. You can offer your employees/customers/guests a home in a luxury hotel. 


6. Can I lease hotel apartments for corporate stays? 

Ans. If you are a corporate company and offering space to stay for your higher executives, leasing hotel apartments is the best option. You can offer the best option for your senior-level employees. In addition, it would be more feasible for you. 


7. What is included in a hotel apartment for rent in Dubai? 

Ans. Generally, in hotel apartments, you get every luxury and amenities though it can vary from hotel to hotel. You will get a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, designated living area, bedroom area(2 BHK or more), in-room technology, bathroom technology, Wi-Fi facilities, and power backup. In addition, an infinity pool and an indoor pool depending on your hotel apartment. 


8. What is the difference between hotel or hotel apartments for rent? 

Ans. A hotel is a property where your rooms are rented on a day or weekly basis or short-term basis. However, hotel apartments are leased for a long time. 


9. What is the average Dubai hotel apartment rent? 

Ans. The average rent for a hotel apartment in Dubai can range from AED 10,000 to AED 1 million or more. The leasing cost can vary depending on the location and luxuries in the building. 

RGEstate By Riveria Global Group is a UAE’s professionally managed, fast-growing and leading Real Estate Agency in Dubai, UAE, established in 2008.