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Welcome to “”, This Privacy Policy governs your use of the Website. Therefore, please carefully read all the following terms prior to initiating using and/ or advertising on the website. In the event you do not accept this Privacy Policy, please do not use our Website. By using the Website, you automatically agree to this Privacy Policy. Please, also note that we update our policy from time to time, hence we recommend reviewing it regularly, whereas, by the continuous use of the Website, you agree to the updates.

We understand the significance of the privacy and security of your own information. We also understand that the entered data could contain your personal information or details about your own facility, such as your name, telephone number, e-mail address, marketing choices, credit card details… etc.

Depending on the aforesaid, we handle your own information accurately and responsibly. Consequently, this “Privacy Policy” helps you in understanding the nature of the information and data to be collected, used, or retained by the Website.


  • Website: “RGEstate”.
  • Privacy Policy: This privacy policy explains how the website utilizes your own information and data at the website.

  • Terms and Conditions of Use: The terms and conditions of this Website (RGEstate)

  • User: Beneficiary, whether a natural or legal person, whether that beneficiary creates an account at the website or not (just visitor), who familiarizes him/herself with any services of the website, or gets access to the website, and takes advantage thereof.

  • Advertiser: Person, whether a natural or legal person, who creates an account via the website for advertising a property, whether for sale, lease or assignment.

Information Collection:

  • To enable from providing services, the Website will collect the information and data of User and/ or Advertiser automatically, upon logging-onto, visiting or using the Website, or through contacting the Website by any means of communication.

  • The referred information and data may include without limitation: name, date of birth, nationality, gender, ID No., Telephone No., Mobile No., E-mail, current address, IP address, browser type, cookies, web browser information, the use of any services or advantages of the website. By visiting the site, by providing us with your information as a User or Advertiser, by contacting us via the telephone or e-mail or through any other contact channel, you – as a User or Advertiser – express your approval on collecting, storing, and operating your own information, as shown in this privacy policy.

Information Management:

  • User or Advertiser information collected by us - Real Estate Services Riveria Global Real Estate, known as “RGEstate” with its address registered in the UAE- is stored by the Website in a cloud central database hosted by parties contracted with the Website.

How The Website Obtains The Information:

  • The Website obtains the personal information or any other information pertaining to the User or Advertiser, and collects the same in the following cases:

    • Upon creating an account at the Website.

    • Upon accepting the services.

    • Upon taking part in competitions, questionnaires, and surveys, if any.

    • Upon contacting, browsing, or visiting the Website.

    • Through the data measuring the frequency of your visits to the Website, like study for discovering the most viewed and

      read pages, by using cookies.

    • Upon providing special content for the Website, such as: certificates.

    • Via third party sources, such as: credit cards check institutions and others.

Confidentiality Of Information And Non-Disclosure:

  • The Website shall maintain the confidentiality and privacy of your own information and data as a User and/ or Advertiser. Moreover, such information and data may not be utilized nor disclosed to a third party, except within the following cases:

    • Provide or help to provide Website services.

    • For the purpose of improving the quality of service, or responding to inquiries.

    • For defending the interests of the Website.

    • In an implementation of the applicable laws in the UAE.

    • For marketing the Website.

    • In the context of advertisements to be displayed via the Website.

    • For sending you advertisements.

  • To contact you with any matter that is related to the Website or your use thereof. For the purpose of statistics and research, without revealing any information that enables recognizing you. Information related to the Website works or affairs, the existing or future services of Website, trade secrets, Website’s workforce and users, any other information, or any information that can be regarded as confidential or valuable to Website competitors, must be treated as confidential or owned by the Website, excluding the information that is available for public or that becomes known to the general public, other than that resulting from a user’s breach of confidentiality. Worth mentioning here that the confidential information does not include the personal and/ or public information of users or advertisers, which are disclosed at their will.

  • We record the information in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. We also use the technological and (electronical, physical and procedural) security measures; in order to verify of the integrity and confidentiality of users’ information, through collecting, storing and not disclosing such information. The abovementioned measures include maintaining specific encryption system, intrusion detection, anti-virus programs and other means for preventing any damage to user’s information.

  • The Website shall have the right in maintaining your own information and data, even after you log-out or completely delete your account from the Website.


  • The Website shall bear no responsibility towards any processing of your own information as a User and/ or Advertiser, or any other use by a third party of the information and data provided by you, during or after your utilization of the website. The Website may include links to other websites, applications, or

  • programs not under our Website supervision, however, you remain solely responsible in this regard. Additionally, you are advised to read and understand the privacy policy of each website, application or programs.

Intellectual Property:

  • All copyrights shall be reserved by the Website or any licensors of the Website. Our intellectual property may not be utilized nor published, without prior approval in writing from the Website. No part of the Website contents may be reproduced unless prior approval in writing is obtained from the Website.

User Conduct:

  • You as an Advertiser and/ or User, hereby undertake to use the Website appropriately and in line with the applicable laws and regulations in the UAE. You undertake also that the content may, in no way, involve discrimination, obscenity, pornography, defamation, incitement of hatred and racism, the violation to confidentiality and privacy, disturbance to others, encouragement of crimes, civil liability, or any breach of the laws and regulations in force in the UAE, and is considered harmful – in nature – including computer viruses, damaged data, and other harmful programs. We will coordinate with the concerned authorities or judicial bodies to request disclosing the identity or details of the user that publishes such materials at the website. Furthermore, we reserve the right to disabling any user, on the basis of misconduct or a violation to the Website’s privacy policy.


  • The Website shall have the right in amending and replacing this “Privacy Policy”, whether partially or entirely, provided that a notice shall be served within at least seven (7) days via the e-mail or at the User account via the Website, or any notices informing such changes. The amendments shall enter into force once published on the Website. By continuing logging onto the Website or using the services available, the User and/ or Advertiser accepts such amendments.

  • The Website shall have the right to withhold the user and/ or advertiser from visiting or utilizing the Website, at any time, for any reason, and without referring to the User and/ or Advertiser, whether the withhold is temporary or permanent.

  • In the event any term becomes invalid or unenforceable partially or entirely under the applicable laws in the UAE, the remaining terms and parts shall remain enforceable, without being negatively affected.

  • The User and/ or Advertiser agree to indemnify the Website or admins thereof against all claims, liabilities, rights, entitlements, losses, obligations and expenses (including attorney’s fees) arising from and/ or in connection with the violation to Website rights.

  • This Privacy Policy shall be complementary to the terms and conditions of the Website. In case of any conflict, the Terms and Conditions of Use shall prevail.

You can contact the Website team via e-mail or via the “Contact Us” Service within the Website, and we will try hard for replying to your inquiries. We also appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us at the following address: The Headquarters of Riveria Global Group of Companies #1005 Aspect Tower, Business Bay Dubai UAE - 252374.