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Experience future investments with RGEstate, your UAE trusted partner. Our visionary approach to real estate leads to unmatched gains..

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RGEstate is your gateway to unparalleled investment possibilities in Dubai’s dynamic landscape. We specialize in connecting visionary investors with prime real estate and investment opportunities offering exceptional returns.

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Expertise in Buying, Selling & Renting Properties

RGEstate is your dedicated partner for buying, selling, and renting commercial properties. Unlock a world of investment opportunities as we assist you in making informed decisions that drive success in Dubai's dynamic real estate market.

Qualified Agents

With deep-rooted expertise in the local real estate market, our seasoned agents offer invaluable insights, ensuring you discover your ideal property at the perfect price.

Excellent Service

We set the bar high with our remarkable customer service, consistently surpassing expectations to fulfill our clients' requirements and aspirations.

Customer Care

Our adept team comprehends the significance of attentive listening and personalized care. Count on us to cater to your distinct needs and preferences with unwavering dedication.

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Meet Our Visionary Directors

Meet the driving force behind our leading real estate agency in Dubai. Our directors bring a wealth of experience and strategic insights, shaping our commitment to excellence in every property transaction.

Abraham Ilyas

As the visionary leader guiding our Real Estate Agency in Dubai, Dinesh leverages extensive expertise. With a keen eye for market trends and a dedication to client success, he ensures our agency sets new benchmarks in the industry.

Dinesh Ramchand

Managing Director
Sofia Alen

Driving our agency's global reach within the dynamic real estate landscape of Dubai, Girish combines international insights. His strategic acumen and unwavering commitment elevate our services as a premier Real Estate Company in Dubai, offering unmatched investment opportunities in Dubai.

Girish Gurnani

Global Business Head
Amina Tahir

Veena Chauhan's financial prowess plays a vital role in the operations of our Real Estate Agency in Dubai. Her meticulous management of finances and astute decision-making contribute to our consistent growth as a distinguished Real Estate Company in Dubai, opening doors to diverse investment opportunities in Dubai.

Veena Chauhan

Director Finance


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Immerse in insightful blog articles exploring real estate's evolution. From investment tips to market trends, it's your source for empowering property decisions. Stay ahead in real estate with our thought-provoking blogs.

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