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8,800 sqft Commercial or Residential Plot for sale in Ajman
AED 2,500,000

Ajman Industrial

8,800 sqft Commercial or Residential Plot for sale in Ajman

  • 8,800 Sq. Ft.
Commercial Land For Sale
AED 14,000,000

Ajman Industrial

Commercial Land For Sale

  • 69,000 Sq. Ft.
Freehold 325,310 Sqft Industrial Land for Sale in Ajman
AED 40,700,000

Al Jurf

Freehold 325,310 Sqft Industrial Land for Sale in Ajman

  • 325,310 Sq. Ft.
Freehold 87,212 Sqft Industrial Land for Sale in Ajman
AED 13,000,000

Al Jurf

Freehold 87,212 Sqft Industrial Land for Sale in Ajman

  • 87,212 Sq. Ft.
Freehold 58,125 Sqft Industrial Land for Sale in Ajman
AED 9,300,000

Al Jurf

Freehold 58,125 Sqft Industrial Land for Sale in Ajman

  • 58,125 Sq. Ft.
120,000 sq,ft Commercial Or industrial Land Available for sale in Ajman Al Jurf Area
AED 18,000,000

Al Jurf

120,000 sq,ft Commercial Or industrial Land Available for sale in Ajman Al Jurf Area

  • 120,000 Sq. Ft.
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Find Suitable Lands For Sale In Ajman

Ajman is known as one of the fifth largest Emirates in UAE. If you want to buy lands for sale in Ajman, you can look into different kinds of land to buy. The City is a free zone and is a trade-friendly space. 

Dubai has lots of opportunities. It is the best country for traders and businessmen to invest and flourish. Dubai is known for its lavish lifestyle and experience aside from business. People come to Dubai with many dreams and hopes to invest in different assets to make money.

Buying land for sale can be very productive for your business because it allows you to grow your business and expand your property with different fixed assets and innovations that can improve business efficiency. Buying land can give you freedom for your business and a boost too. Land buying has different benefits. You can read about it in the next phase.

If you want to purchase and look out for Ajman land for sale, you have come to the right place because we will further discuss different kinds of lands you might like, from where you can get perfect land, and many more. Keep on reading!

What Different Types Of Land Can One Acquire In Lands For Sale In Ajman?

Suppose you buy land for sale in Ajman, UAE. In that case, you must think it through before making any purchase because land in an unwanted space can be costly, and it can also capture the opportunity for anyone wanting that land, pushing it to waste. 

Here are different kinds of land one can look out for.

Commercial Land

There are many different types of commercial land. This kind of land is very helpful for people who are in business. Different kinds of businessmen require different lands according to the elements they need to optimize, such as location, utility, and many more. Commercial lands help you build a business in multiple ways, such as storing or opening a shop. But all the commercial lands have one thing similar: to make a profit, earn money and goodwill, and help in business.

Residential Land

Residential lands are those land where people can build their homes, or they can build property for private use. These lands are common in almost every area with a high population. People need different requirements for their residential lands, and some use them to build a residential place to rent. Some people use this land to make their dream houses too. Residential lands are also one of the most expensive Lands for private use aside from Industrial and commercial lands that require a license.

Industrial Lands

Suppose you are looking for Industrial land. Industrial lands are one of the most expensive as they are home to different assets. Industrial lands are used to set up plants and manufacturing units. These are very spacious and mostly barren. It's better to look out for lands with low productivity and high endurance to industrial waste and smoke. One can find these lands in sub-urban areas or isolated areas.


Many types of land are used for very different purposes. Some lands are multipurpose, and some are not. Several types of land are connected to ponds or marshalls, known as wetlands. Lands are also used for agriculture, and livestock is kept for farming purposes. One can also look for lands near cultural heritage for tourist purposes.

Let us look out for the benefits of such lands among lands for sale, Ajman. 

What Are The Benefits Of Ajman Land For Sale?

There are many benefits to acquiring land. Lands for sale in Ajman serve users the excellent benefits they are looking out for in land to get profits from it. 


Buying land for sale in Ajman Jurf is better for businesses to invest in fixed assets to have freedom. Also, it includes efficiency. Having a new piece of land to expand your business can help the business grow in many different ways, such as they can divide their work into various sectors or it can use the space as storage or new infrastructure to help them in their business.

Financial growth

With profits come various financial growth, and with efficiency, you can also save money that relatively contributes to the saving of expenses; hence financial growth by owning a fixed asset is also a benefit that you get by acquiring land for sale in Ajman. Many rely on such investments for retirement, having an asset that is useful anywhere and anything.

Where To Find Land For Sale In Ajman UAE

If you are looking for different lands for sale in Ajman, then you have come to the right place because we at RGEstate will help you find the better land according to your need.

We have a wide network and the best deal properties and lands to offer. We find you every kind of land and property you want without hesitation. We help you find exactly what you are looking for. We can assure you plenty of choices that can help you with your business and your personal property. Connect with us today to find an ideal land.

Find other commercial property listings too as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the main purpose of buying land?

Buying land can be investing in an asset, looking up for Infrastructures to build, making profits, securing the future, and many more.

  • Building infrastructures and doing business are the top reasons people invest in hefty lands. Industrial and commercial land in use is one of the most expensive lands one can invest in to make their business efficient.

  • After buying land, the next most efficient and expensive property can be residential buildings and architecture. People buy different kinds of land for different purposes, making personal gains.

2. What should one look out for when buying commercial land?

One should look out for different precautions that are essential when buying commercial land:

  • Business owners should always look for locality and security options when buying land.

  • Many business owners also find it important to look at the competitor's businesses and their assets before investing in lands to make a clear decision.

  • It is also great to check the relative resources required by the property after fully developing the land. There should be an optimum resource to utilise the land after the infrastructure on the land is made for efficient future growth.

  • One should always check different safety measures around the industrial and the commercial area so that if any accidents occur, there is an aid to an emergency. In this situation, employees can also be safe even if the infrastructure location or the land is far away from the City.

3. Where can I find the perfect land for sale at a low cost?

Ajman is the best location to find cheap, affordable land for sale. The pricing for a different kind of land starts from 18,00,000 AED. If you are looking for cheap land and various trade lands, you can look for lands for sale in Ajman.

4. How to know if the land is suitable to buy?

There are certain points to check to know if you are purchasing your land correctly:

  1. Locality: Locality is very important wherever you buy the land according to your need, prioritizing your resources and your business or residence where you want to live. 

  2. Resources: One should also know that it is very important to have a resource bank on the land, no matter how far it is from the City. It should have a resource backup for every situation, even if it's a warehouse or a barren land. Barren land put to use should have access to resources for better risk management too.

  3. Safety: Better risk management and safety are a priority for every business owner and trader. Industrial and commercial areas are very risky, and resources are the minimum for the time being. If the resources are used up, it can be a huge risk for employees. Even a barren land with no infrastructure should contain these minimum safety assets. Always ensure that there are some safety alarms and CCTV surveillance.

  4. Functionality: It is important to prioritize your needs and sort out the perfect area accordingly for your business. The functionality of the place is the most important factor. People should vary about every other kind of element too.

5. Why buy land instead of renting one?

It is very difficult to rent land and build infrastructure. It is very hectic for a businessman to do so. Renting other properties can benefit the owners, but renting land and building resources can also cause the problem of moving on to a different place.

6. What is the cost of buying land in Ajman?

One can buy land in Ajman for 20,00,000 AED. It's very easy to acquire land.


7. Why is buying land best for future trade?

Buying land gives someone endless opportunities to explore and invest in new infrastructure, get new resources, and even have full control over the asset, which is beneficial.


8. What to look for when signing the contract when buying land?

These are the main elements one should look out for:

  • One should always negotiate, looking out for lower prices for high-demand places.

  • One should always ensure no loopholes in the contract with an easy contracting and billing system.